Like many video production companies and videographers, the first step I’ll take is to determine exactly your video needs.

What are you hoping to achieve through video and what would you like to communicate? Who is your target audience and what KPIs will you measure to determine the success of your video? Is your video intended purely for a Glasgow audience or do you wish to reach audiences further afield?

Not just a videographer, I can work with your business to develop a visual media marketing strategy document – this will ensure that you get the most from the media we create.

Together we’ll develop the creative vision and the consultation into a proposal and contract that encompasses your budget, delivery date and expectations.

At this stage you’ll be able to see the end product on paper.

Already working with other video production companies in Glasgow? I offer consultancy as a separate service to help clients get the most from their creative projects.

The key difference in this regard will be the development of a creative media marketing strategy with notes on what media your business would benefit from investing in and the potential impact of each project on your business.

I work with clients to create a full-proof plan for production, distribution, and measurement.


Following the consultation, I’ll begin working on the elements required to produce your video.

The type of videography you require will determine what paperwork will be required in order to produce your video.

Videography projects with one shooter will only require minimal paperwork – whilst projects meant for full-size video production companies may require paperwork to communicate greater information across fields.

This stage will produce some of the following: a script, storyboards, breakdowns, call sheets, budget sheets & more.


I mainly work as a solo videographer (a “one-man-band”). Depending on the nature of the project, I may call for the assistance of my close and trusted group of collaborators.

Producing films this way means I can pass on savings to my clients as photography and videography can be expensive, often involving a lot of people, expensive equipment and time.

With no overhead staff costs and no expensive premises to upkeep – using a tight-knit group of freelance creatives has allowed me to keep pricing competitive, even on large productions.

Equipment will differ on a job by job basis but included in the base pricing is the hire and insurance of my core kit. This consists of up-to-date cameras and sound equipment with the ability to record in 4K at an uncompressed, raw quality.

I will, of course, be present on every shoot, but larger productions can range from:

Events/Documentary Crew | 1 – 5 People

Advertising/Music Video Crew | 1 – 5+ People

Specialist Crew | Jib, gimbal, drone operators etc. Determined by the production requirements.

Production can be as complex as a set full of people handling each aspect of production to one person with a camera.


The post-production process is twofold:

After an initial round of edits (completed to the brief drafted right at the start) clients will view the initial edit and provide up to two rounds of feedback to make editing changes.

I have a retainer with trusted specialists if extensive animation work is required.

If clients would prefer to have a face-to-face meeting to go over changes then this may be arranged.

As a self-employed videographer, it’s important for me to build and keep healthy client relationships – so I try to be as inclusive in my accommodation of any worries you may have.

Regarding delivery: I’ll deliver the film in the format you require via online transfer, hard drive or flash drive. Raw data can be purchased for an additional charge.

The delivery of your film will follow the plan laid out at the start – I will then advise and assist in the distribution and marketing of your film.

I also take on work as an editor if you have a project already shot and ready to be cut.